Everything DiSC

Everything DiSC


Gain a better understanding of your employee’s strengths, challenges, and motivators, strengthen their relationships, and build better-functioning organizations with EVERYTHING DiSC. This personalized learning experience guides leaders & teams in the discussion of behavioral differences that affect the workplace-based off of DiSC® assessment results. Your executives, team, and individuals will be equipped with a common framework for better understanding themselves and others, and how to adapt their behaviors for working together most productively. Using the most advanced method (adaptive testing) and sophisticated algorithms to quickly analyze a person’s responses and provide the most personalized feedback possible, there is a full range of DiSC tools geared towards the many levels within your organization. Start building engaged and healthy workplaces TODAY using Everything DiSC!

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Navigating Difficult Conversations

Could a conversation (or avoiding one) be keeping you from getting the results you need? Whatever the issue—from declining quality to strained relationships—it’s likely that you’re experiencing the effects of a poorly held difficult conversation. Learn to balance tact & assertiveness, how to speak and be heard (and encourage others to do the same) and deescalate emotional conversations to avoid resentment and conflict so you can surface the best ideas and make the highest-quality decisions.  Each participant will take a Behaviors & Motivators assessment prior to the training so we can incorporate the results and understand your ideal method of communication and help each member of your team communicate better with their peers. With use of real-life application, video, group discussions, and skill practice this seminar will show you how to achieve effective dialogue at all levels in your organization and reduce deference and defiance.

Leadership Skills for Professionals

In Elevate’s Leadership Skills seminar will give you the tools to become an engaging, motivating & more resilient leader. This seminar will give you the skills to enhance the performance of your team with a variety of proven leadership techniques. Maximize you teams performance and effectively manage others as you are guided through a step-by-step process for building emotionally intelligent and inclusive teams with high-quality decisions, flexible leadership, proper conflict resolution. This interactive program will go beyond just learning how to be a leader and give attendees a hands-on experience, with the use of video, group discussions, skill practice, and real-life application to make the course both entertaining & engaging.

Emerging Leaders Series

The Emerging Leaders Series is a two-part series designed for emerging leaders, team leaders, new supervisors, and first-level managers. Part one of the series is a three-hour Management and Leadership course that will help new leaders understand the challenges and requirements of their new role, as well as the importance of harnessing the mission and vision of their work unit and how it supports the larger organizational goals. Part two of the series is a Self-directed Leadership course, where participants will internalize the four pillars of self-leadership and to make meaningful, empowered choices while taking action to get where they want to go.

Accountable Leadership

Whether you are a seasoned leader or have been promoted into a position of leadership you have to juggle being the boss and maintain a positive relationship with your employees. Elevate’s Accountable Leadership program will help participants to become a confident leader and manage a team to get desired results, ease conflict, delegate, problem solve, and communicate in a way that keeps everyone accountable.

Ready to elevate your workforce?

Your people are your most valuable resource – invest in them! Enhance your learning experience with Elevate’s advanced assessment technology! Let us help you choose an assessment that is right for you so you can start developing a system to capitalize on your value and build on your strengths today!