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Elevate provides comprehensive training through off-the-shelf courses and custom-made solutions. Many backed by Scientific Behavioral Assessments, partnered with Wiley,TTI, and Gallup.

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Elevate offers 200+ business training programs, coaching, and workforce consulting solutions. As a global leader in employee training and development, we connect businesses and organizations with the professional development tools that improve productivity and create a more engaged workforce. Using advanced assessment technology and the industry’s leading subject matter experts you can choose a blend of in-person workshops, seminars, and virtual training sessions, enabling your employees to learn and grow at their own pace.

Featured Programs

Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program & Mentor Enhancement

The year-long Leadership Development Program will focus on how leaders of all levels can aspire to maximize effectiveness with personal and group dynamics, specifically in two areas:

1) Utilizing the latest professional best leadership practices within your industry, and;

2) Developing leaders that are able to grow overall staff performance within their specific day-to-day responsibilities using research-based theory and practical knowledge gained through anecdotal evidence, roleplaying gamification, and further experiential learning.

Organizational DEI Consultancy and Development Program

Organizational DEI Consultancy Development Program

The main challenge with any large diverse workforce, agency, or organization that deals with the public good is cultivating a genuine culture of respect among its internal and external stakeholders based on a single unifying DEIA framework. Creating this culture requires an understanding of bias, diversity, and equality and the subtle ways they must be addressed to ensure a fair administration of access and justice, build impactful agency results, and generate meaningful positive change. Anti-racism is not just a conceptual value; it is a concrete goal that will only be achieved when operationalized via practical strategies. Using a five-phase work plan, Elevate’s will work with an appointed DEI advisory council to develop an all-encompassing strategic framework that encourages change within your organizations current DEI practices.

Creativity & Innovation Through Improv

Creativity and Innovation Through Improv

There are two main goals for this workshop. The first is to foster active listening and smoother communication between colleagues across environments. The second is to experientially learn creative and innovative techniques for succeeding both as a leader and as a team member in dynamic and spontaneously changing circumstances. This is an interactive, hands-on workshop based on adult learning principles and designed to be thought-provoking, engaging, and fun.

Tools to ENGAGE and Motivate your Team

Tools to ENGAGE and Motivate Your Team

The future of work will be to provide a flexible work environment, and a sense of purpose and belonging in terms of place, time, job description, and career paths. This class will give participants techniques and strategies to improve communication with their team and make the personal aspirations a routine part of manager conversations. Genuinely purposeful organizations embed solidarity right into management practices that translate to a sense of belonging and security for employees.

ARC Initiative Logo

The ARC Initiative

Introducing the ARC Initiative, Elevate’s exclusive cultural development subscription program. Focused around Advancing Relationships and Culture, Elevate is committed to help businesses and enterprises empower their teams, amplify their skills, and motivate them to achieve more everyday! Cultivate a workplace culture where employees feel heard, respected and rewarded for their hard work.

Meet Delvon Survine

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“By investing in your staff's professional development, you are investing in the future of your organization.”

Delvon Survine, CEO

Before becoming President of Elevate Business Development Group, Delvon Survine enjoyed a distinguished career as a Master Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps(USMC) where he was a Tactical Team Leader, Instructor in multiple disciplines, and Equal Opportunity Advisor, Counselor, and Investigator. His strong leadership skills and experience with leaders at all levels have provided him with innumerable situations and anecdotes which he uses to convey different learning objectives to all he engages. As an Expert in Equal Opportunity, Diversity Management, Executive Coaching, and Initiative Implementation. Daily he dealt with issues of Race, Gender Equality, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Assault Prevention.  Delvon is intimately familiar with the challenges and stresses that plague the modern working environment.  He has also conducted numerous leadership, sexual harassment, and diversity training courses. He developed and led Leadership Development Training for all ranks from entry to General level where he received multiple awards. Prior to enlistment, Delvon worked in retail where he rose from being a shipping and receiving clerk to store manager of Burlington Coat Factory before realizing his calling as a Marine. He specializes in human relations topics ranging from leadership development, change management, and initiative implementation.  His hands-on attitude and vast experience make him one of the most popular speakers. Delvon scores consistently above 98% on evaluation feedback from training participants and contracting officers. He utilizes critical thinking and participation to enhance theory, build confidence, and encourage participants to learn from mistakes in a simulated environment based on applicable real-world scenarios relevant to making information easily absorbed by all training participants. Delvon is experienced with educating people who are found at all levels of the workforce – from the executive boardroom to middle managers and supervisors, to staff.

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Elevate understands the unique challenges you face within the engineering & infrastructure sectors and is committed to creating stronger, educated, trained, experienced, and certified professionals that are built to last.


Our track record of success speaks for itself. Elevate has helped countless organizations enhance their leadership, cultural competency, and project management capabilities.


Our team of dedicated instructors are industry experts who are passionate about helping your team reach their full potential.


Elevate is committed to developing customized solutions that align with your goals and objectives.

Elevate has been committed to improving your workplace well-being since 2007.

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