Communication Skills

Communication Skills

It doesn’t matter what your role is in a company –COMMUNICATION MATTERS!!  Elevate’s Communication Skills seminars teach participants to effectively use practical & proven methods of communicating effectively with all types of people. Master your communication skills and start communicating with tact & professionalism today! 

Communication Skills Courses Offered

Managing Up in a Hybrid Environment

Effectively “managing up” isn’t just important for your career—it can also ensure you and your team get the resources and support it needs to make projects a success. However, managing up in a hybrid environment can prove difficult especially if you spend all or part of your week only communicating with your manager via phone and video. Whether in person or working remotely, success comes from
aligning your priorities and efforts with your manager’s expectations and objectives and understanding how your contributions impact the company’s top and bottom lines. Elevate’s Managing up in a Hybrid Environment course will provide tips and techniques to develop a better relationship with your boss, ensure your successes are noted, and your opinions considered more effectively.

Creativity & Innovation Through Improv

There are two main goals for this workshop. The first is to foster active listening and smoother communication between colleagues across environments. The second is to experientially learn creative and innovative techniques for succeeding both as a leader and as a team member in dynamic and spontaneously changing circumstances. This is an interactive, hands-on workshop based on adult learning principles and designed to be thought-provoking, engaging, and fun.

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Could a conversation (or avoiding one) be keeping you from getting the results you need? Whatever the issue—from declining quality to strained relationships—it’s likely that you’re experiencing the effects of a poorly held difficult conversation. Learn to balance tact & assertiveness, how to speak and be heard (and encourage others to do the same) and deescalate emotional conversations to avoid resentment and conflict so you can surface the best ideas and make the highest-quality decisions.  Each participant will take a Behaviors & Motivators assessment prior to the training so we can incorporate the results and understand your ideal method of communication and help each member of your team communicate better with their peers. With use of real-life application, video, group discussions, and skill practice this seminar will show you how to achieve effective dialogue at all levels in your organization and reduce deference and defiance.

Applied Communication Skills

This course provides participants with a variety of communication skills needed to be successful in a work setting.  Participants will learn how to do oral presentations, improvise, and think quickly when you are in a meeting, interviews, or doing an impromptu presentation.

Emotional Intelligence

Elevate’s Emotional Intelligence training will teach you how to grow your personal emotional intelligence and change your behavior towards others in a way that helps you understand others and improve your communication channels.

Crafting Elevator Speeches that Work

Can you sum up your job description or business proposal in thirty seconds or less? More importantly, can you make the prospect listen to your every word until he or she wants to know more? That’s the key to an elevator speech—brevity and a good hook! At the end of this training, you will leave with influence and persuasion skills that will enable you to create a great elevator speech that will have people engaged and interested in what you have to offer.

Communicating with Challenging Personalities

We’ve all had to interact with an insufferable co-worker, client, or vendor. Some people just have the talent for getting under your skin. But, in a place of business, the worst thing you can do is lose your control. This course will provide you a list of techniques guaranteed to help you communicate with different and challenging personalities by diffusing potentially explosive situations in a positive way.

Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce

For the first time in history, there are five generations in the workforce. Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce will help managers and supervisors to bridge generational gaps between Traditionalists, Boomers, and GenX – Z’s by recognizing the unique strengths of a diverse workforce in a complex and ever-changing work environment. The key to effective leadership is finding the right balance, which requires individual leaders and teams to step out of their comfort zones and adapt to what the organization needs to accomplish its goals. This training program will give leaders an understanding of their leadership styles, the five roles they play, and their application within their team and organizational goals.

How to Communicate & Collaborate on a Team

No matter who you are, no matter how powerful or productive you might be, you’re nothing without a team behind you. An effective team will not only empower you and your project, but it will increase your abilities many times over. Teams have to work like a well-oiled machine if they are going to be productive. This training will help you communicate and collaborate with team members to get the results you need. This training is totally interactive. Participants will work in teams competing against each other using the dynamics of leadership, teamwork, communication, and collaboration. Through planned exercises and challenges, each team will compete against the other to complete the challenges.

Active Listening

Communication skills are at the heart of everything we do each day, whether at home, at work, or at play. Active listening encompasses the best of communication, including listening to what others are saying, processing the information, and responding to it in order to clarify and elicit more information. This one-day workshop will help participants develop and practice their active listening skills.

Dealing with a Difficult Workforce

Sometimes an entire division or pocket of the workforce can prove difficult for managers and supervisors. What do you do when the problem extends beyond a single individual? Elevates trainers and coaches will help managers identify the root of the problem and the best ways to address it without inflaming tensions. This can lie in behavior clashes, unfair workload, communication problems, or other underlying issues. By taking a comprehensive approach, participants will learn how to uncover and meet the problem head-on in a way that satisfies all parties.

Six Secrets to Thinking on Your Feet

Have you ever hung up the telephone or walked away from a conversation thinking—I wish I said…instead? This seminar teaches your workforce how to think effectively on their feet. By the end of this workshop your employees will have the tools and techniques to think and speak in a short amount of time without getting flustered and adapt strategies on the go. Your employees will be calm and effective. They will learn the secrets of how to manage on the spot conflict confidently, prevent communication problems, and become better communicators.

Interviewing Skills

Interviewing is an art. Participants will learn about facilitating open communication, understanding people and how we communicate, communicating with emotional intelligence and effective listening skills. This course will then teach how to prepare for an interview, dos and don’ts of questioning, and how to handle interviews in tense or conflict situations.

Enhancing Collaboration

In today’s workplace you need to collaborate with a multi-generational staff. People younger than you may hold positions of power or compete for the same promotion. There are now five generations working together, each with a radically different way of communicating and completing tasks. This training shows you how to collaborate with and amongst coworkers in different age groups.

Interpersonal Skills

Elevate’s Interpersonal Skills training will teach participants how to effectively communicate within a team environment. Communication skills must be learned. Most often, poor communication and behavior styles need to be corrected and replaced with approaches that are more conducive to creating harmony in the workplace. Successful navigation of every scenario within a team environment is crucial to making sure that everyone feels accounted for and that as a team the message is clear.

Influence and Persuasion

Everyone needs to be a better influencer. Whether it is getting a colleague to help with a project or motivating an entire team, hardly a day passes we don’t try to influence ourselves or others to do something different. Some people seem to be able to do it effortlessly, and almost without anyone noticing, where others fall back on the power of their position to enforce what they want. Persuasion skills can be learned just like any others, and they are a key part of being able to influence others to achieve your goals and objectives. In Elevate’s Influence & Persuasion workshop, you will learn how to diagnose the causes behind any team or organization problem; identify high-leverage behaviors if changed will lead to desired results; rely less on formal authority to effectively motivate and enable others, and use six sources of influence to make organizational change inevitable. Each participant will take a Behaviors & Motivators assessment prior to the training so we can incorporate the results and understand your ideal method of communication and help each member of your team communicate better with their peers. With the use of real-life application, video, group discussions, and skill practice this seminar will show you how to achieve effective dialogue at all levels in your organization and reduce deference and defiance.

Series Offered

Leadership Bootcamp

Elevate‘s Leadership Bootcamp is a 5-day multi-level leadership symposium that will help you master your communication and leadership skills, both in the workplace & the world at large. This Bootcamp is paired with two powerful assessments that will be used throughout the training to help the leaders of your organization develop a 3D view of themselves and reveal the true leadership potential of your employees! With the use of advanced assessment technology, we will effectively “map” the participants based on their behavioral profile so you can understand HOW your employees communicate, WHY they make the decisions they make, and WHAT they are capable of doing. Identify communication styles in your employees so you can mitigate conflict and deescalate emotional conversations without causing a breakdown or paralysis on either side. The end result will be creating dynamic leaders that communicate better and work more effectively as a team in a cohesive, productive, and motivating work culture for all!

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