Administrative Skills

Administrative Skills

There is a lot of weight put on the shoulders of administrative professionals these days. Your days are filled with to-do’s and to-don’ts, managing conflicts, budgeting, problem-solving and staying organized. You are expected to be tech-savvy, people-smart, and results-driven – but how you can juggle it all?  Elevate’s Administrative Skills seminars give administrative professionals on every level the skills necessary to turn any executive assistant into an EXCEPTIONAL assistant! 

Administrative Skills Courses Offered

Business Planning Workshop

Without a business plan, your organization might not develop along with desired goals. A strategic business plan will unite your whole team towards an objective. Elevate’s Business Planning Workshop program will provide guidance, assistance, and information about creating a business plan. This training includes time management, time blocking, goal setting, budget models, appointment and lead generation models, economic models, and more. This program will be tailored to your company’s training needs. Examples of business planning are creating a business plan, project management plan, grant writing, and event planning.

Financial Literacy – Essentials for Federal Budgeting

Elevate’s Financial Literacy – Essentials for Federal Budgeting seminar is an introduction to the federal budget process. Participants will learn what a budget is, how a budget is prepared, an understanding of the federal budget, and federal financial management. Learn how a budget is developed and executed, and how it may affect other budgets in the organization.

Business Protocol & Etiquette

Business protocol and etiquette are important parts of every professional’s journey to success and it relies on your relationships, whether with co-workers, clients, suppliers, or investors. When you’re well-mannered and considerate in dealing with others, you create engaging, productive, and long-term business relationships. From making a phone call to how to behave during workplace events, the professional protocol ensures employees don’t lose their place in their organization. Elevate’s Business Protocol and Etiquette program will provide participants with the tools to behave professionally, interact in an international corporate setting, and communicate effectively with their clients.

Techniques of the Great Administrative Professionals I & II

Elevate’s Techniques of the Great Administrative Professionals will provide participants the skills to handle any crisis, customer, or task, juggle a hectic workload, make a good impression on their supervisor, those they work with, and become an invaluable part of the machinery in your workplace.

Leadership Skills for Administrative Professionals

Elevate’s Leadership Skills for Administrative Professionals will help administrative assistants in their everyday performance in an office environment. In the modern workplace, administrative professionals are asked to do much more than answer phone calls. To survive (and thrive) administrative professionals require a very specific set of skills to complete the daily tasks that keep companies running smoothly. Communication, problem-solving, and priority setting are paramount skills that any assistant must-have. We’ll show you how to sharpen your skills with advanced training that goes beyond typical job functions. Participants will identify productivity pay-offs and priorities, and build better relationships with their peers as well as those to whom they report. Participants will develop strategies to handle any crisis, customer, or task, juggle a hectic workload, effective time management, deal with difficult people, and negotiate with vendors. Additionally, participants will learn how to identify opportunities for delegation within their scope of authority.

Administrative Professionals Capstone Program

Would you, or someone you know benefit from writing in a more clear, concise, and professional manner? Could you get more done if you did not spend so much time editing and rewriting correspondence? If you said yes to either question, the Administrative Professional Capstone Program is for you and your team. During this Capstone Program participants will compose, edit, proofread, and issue written materials for review by our subject matter experts, peers, and supervisors. By the end of the program, participants will have gained effective writing techniques to write with purpose, to consider the topic and intended reaction before writing a response with clarity, correct grammar, and formatting. Participants will increase productivity and enjoy less rewriting, editing, and irritating mistakes that take up too much time. The program will be conducted by Dr. Virginia Wells, Ph.D. in Organizational Systems, an Adjunct Professor of Organizational Psychology, at the University of Phoenix. Dr. Wells is focused on helping organizations develop collaborative practices and transformational changes necessary to maximize employee performance and drive the organization to succeed. Every participant will write and complete a capstone project as documentation of course completion to be graded by Dr. Wells and shared with peers and supervisors. Participants must achieve and maintain a scoring metric of 75%.

Series Offered

Leadership Development Program & Mentor Enhancement

Elevate believes crafting an effective leadership culture across a diverse organization is dependent on interlocking learning modules that build upon the individual, group, and organizational goals. Elevate offers a suite of solutions that can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs, enhance and supplement existing or new capabilities, and approach adult education in innovative ways that promote engagement, accountability, and the application of practical knowledge in a variety of situations. As part of our training development, Elevate will seek to instill a culture of continuous learning across your organization as a whole. Further training and curriculum refinements will be continuous, and feedback-based.

The year-long Leadership Development Program will focus on how leaders of all levels can aspire to maximize effectiveness with personal and group dynamics, specifically in two areas:

1) Utilizing the latest professional best leadership practices within your industry, and;

2) Developing leaders that are able to grow overall staff performance within their specific day-to-day responsibilities using research-based theory and practical knowledge gained through anecdotal evidence, roleplaying, gamification, and further experiential learning.

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