Presentation Skills

Learn to prepare and deliver persuasive presentations, develop yourself into a confident and competent speaker and prompt action from an audience with Elevate’s Presentation Skills  seminars designed to make a powerful presenter out of all of us!

Presentation Skills Courses Offered

Speak with Clarity & Confidence

Do you get nervous when presenting at company meetings? Do you find it hard to make conversation at gatherings and social events? Do you lock up in awkward social situations? If so, Elevate’s Speak with Clarity & Confidence workshop is just for you! It is aimed at anybody who wants to improve their speaking skills in informal situations. We will give you the confidence and the skills to interact with others, to speak in informal situations, and to present in front of small groups.

Creativity & Innovation Through Improv

There are two main goals for this workshop. The first is to foster active listening and smoother communication between colleagues across environments. The second is to experientially learn creative and innovative techniques for succeeding both as a leader and as a team member in dynamic and spontaneously changing circumstances. This is an interactive, hands-on workshop based on adult learning principles and designed to be thought-provoking, engaging, and fun.

Presentation Skills (I & II)

The Delivering Effective, Persuasive Presentations workshop will give participants many of the presentation skills that will make speaking in public less terrifying and more enjoyable. This workshop includes topics that participants can look forward to including: creating a compelling program, using various types of visual aids, and engaging the audience.

Briefing Strategies

Information overload is common these days. From cell phones to email, face-to-face communication is becoming obsolete. With new types of communication, however, there is a certain amount of information that is lost and misunderstandings can easily occur. That’s why in-person briefings are becoming more important to convey information accurately to your coworkers. Elevateʼs Briefing Strategies training will teach you and your team how to develop effective ways to brief your team without losing valuable time, how to stay on track with projects, how to stick to priorities, and how to manage staff feedback and questions.

Become a Master Public Speaker

Elevateʼs Become a Master Public Speaker training will teach you how to deliver presentations effectively, develop yourself into a confident and competent speaker, and prompt action from an audience.

Series Offered

No series offered in this category

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