HR Law

Employment laws can be complex. It is imperative you run the HR department legally adherent to protect both your company and your employees, and Elevate’s HR Law seminars are designed to help you do just that. Make sure your company is current and compliant with everything from Sales Tax, to HIPPA,  OSHA, and Sexual Harassment. 

HR Law Courses Offered

Holding Employees Accountable for Performance & Conduct

Proper management of performance problems is vital in the effort to help employers stave off the high cost of litigation. Indeed, employers are often subject to million- and even billion-dollar lawsuits based on decisions managers make every day about employee performance. Elevate’s Holding Employees Accountable for Performance and Conduct training will provide supervisors at all levels with the information to keep employees accountable in the Federal workplace.


Agencies spend millions, if not billions of dollars each year and their employees are expected to know the rules regarding the micro-purchase process. You will learn the guidelines to use micro-purchasing, understand laws surrounding the use of micro-purchasing, and know your responsibilities as a micro-purchaser.

Sexual Harassment

Elevate’s Sexual Harassment training will teach participants what constitutes sexual harassment, sexual harassment policies, and the potential consequences of violation. Attendees will learn how to define harassment, the mandated rules about sexual harassment, how it can be prevented, and what to do should you encounter sexual harassment as a victim or witness.

Requirements for Federal HR Management for Supervisors and Managers

Being promoted into a position of leadership is a challenging transition. You now have to juggle being the boss and maintaining positive relationships with your employees. Not only do you get a whole new set of responsibilities, you have many new skills to learn as well. Elevate’s Requirements for Federal HR Management for Supervisors and Managers will orient you to your changing role as a supervisor and help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a supervisor, as well as the rights of your employees. You will be introduced to the Federal Government’s core and leadership competencies, proficiency rating scales, merit system principles, and prohibited personnel practices and how they apply to you as a supervisor. In addition, you will understand the different types of leave, what approving and disapproving leave entails, and various work schedules. You will also receive an overview of different documentation requirements and categories to present alternatives to taking formal action against an employee and to become familiar with available resources allowing you to more effectively carry out your Human Resources Management (HRM) duties and responsibilities.

Series Offered

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