Administrative Professionals Capstone Program

Administrative Professionals Capstone Program
Duration: 4
Method of Delivery: Remote/Virtual, On-site
Categories: Power Skills, Technical Skills
, Administrative Skills
, Writing Skills


Would you, or someone you know benefit from writing in a more clear, concise, and professional manner? Could you get more done if you did not spend so much time editing and rewriting correspondence? If you said yes to either question, the Administrative Professional Capstone Program is for you and your team. During this Capstone Program participants will compose, edit, proofread, and issue written materials for review by our subject matter experts, peers, and supervisors. By the end of the program, participants will have gained effective writing techniques to write with purpose, to consider the topic and intended reaction before writing a response with clarity, correct grammar, and formatting. Participants will increase productivity and enjoy less rewriting, editing, and irritating mistakes that take up too much time. The program will be conducted by Dr. Virginia Wells, Ph.D. in Organizational Systems, an Adjunct Professor of Organizational Psychology, at the University of Phoenix. Dr. Wells is focused on helping organizations develop collaborative practices and transformational changes necessary to maximize employee performance and drive the organization to succeed. Every participant will write and complete a capstone project as documentation of course completion to be graded by Dr. Wells and shared with peers and supervisors. Participants must achieve and maintain a scoring metric of 75%.

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