Dean W. Bertsch

Dean W. Bertsch
Trainer Specialties
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Dean is a speaker, trainer, and educator who specializes
in communication and writing training. He focuses on helping today’s business professionals and public servants improve their written and oral communication in order to enhance their confidence and credibility. As a trainer for Elevate, Dean is a subject matter expert in all writing areas including Business Writing and Email Etiquette, Administrative Professional
Capstone Program: Polish and Shine Your Writing for Top Brass Readers,
Writing a Statement of Work, Clear Writing through Critical Thinking,
Effective Business Writing, Grammar & Proofreading, Technical Writing
(Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced), Getting Results with Clear Writing and Dynamic Presentations, Succinct Plain Language & The Plain Language Act, and Business Writing & Mistake Free Grammar. Dean has the unique ability to bring humor and excitement to what most consider very dry topics. For more than ten years, he has provided grammar, writing, public speaking, and one-on-one communication skills training to a large number of government agencies and private organizations throughout the United States and Canada such as the U.S. Armed Forces, EPA, Blue Cross, Penn State University, the National Association of Construction Boilermaker Employees, and more.