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These are just a few of the words used to describe the trainers of Elevate. Combining practical knowledge, gamification, and entertainment, Elevate BDG trainers convey complex ideas in an engaging, fun, and beneficial way that captures the attention of participants. Trainers are vetted to ensure adherence to the tenets of our signature style. Elevate BDG trainers never lecture. Every one of our seminars, workshops, and coaching sessions are amusing, relatable, and informative.

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Delivering Beyond Expectation

Master facilitators and architects of success, each Elevate trainer delivers an engaging and dynamic seminar using THEIR own unique style and customize each learning topic to YOUR unique business needs. Determine which trainer is right for your business by following the link to watch the entire trainer showcase below. You can also find individual trainer presentations on each of the trainers bio page.

Discover the Trainers at Elevate

Delvon Survine Headshot e1650995098253
Delvon Survine

Before becoming President of Elevate Business Development Group, Delvon Survine enjoyed a distinguished career as a Master Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps(USMC) where he was a Tactical Team Leader, Instructor in multiple disciplines, and Equal Opportunity Advisor, Counselor, and Investigator. His strong leadership skills and experience with leaders at all levels have provided him with innumerable situations and anecdotes which he uses to convey different learning objectives to all he engages. As an Expert in Equal Opportunity, Diversity Management, Executive Coaching, and Initiative Implementation. Daily he dealt with issues of Race, Gender Equality, Sex, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Assault Prevention.  Delvon is intimately familiar with the challenges and stresses that plague the modern working environment.  He has also conducted numerous leadership, sexual harassment, and diversity training courses. He developed and led Leadership Development Training for all ranks from entry to General level where he received multiple awards. Prior to enlistment, Delvon worked in retail where he rose from being a shipping and receiving clerk to store manager of Burlington Coat Factory before realizing his calling as a Marine. He specializes in human relations topics ranging from leadership development, change management, and initiative implementation.  His hands-on attitude and vast experience make him one of the most popular speakers. Delvon scores consistently above 98% on evaluation feedback from training participants and contracting officers. He utilizes critical thinking and participation to enhance theory, build confidence, and encourage participants to learn from mistakes in a simulated environment based on applicable real-world scenarios relevant to making information easily absorbed by all training participants. Delvon is experienced with educating people who are found at all levels of the workforce – from the executive boardroom to middle managers and supervisors, to staff.

Kyle McCloud Headshot e1650996329260
Kyle McCloud

With over 20 years of experience as a professional trainer, Kyle is an ideal liaison between Elevate BDG and our clients.  Kyle is currently the CIO of Elevate Business Development Group and he has worked as an account manager, consultant, and led training programs for the federal, state, and local government, as well as private industry and non-profits since 2008. Kyle has been the Project Manager for tailored programs with the USMC, NAVSEA, USACE, the Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General, PennDOT, World Wildlife Fund, and more. These programs represent thousands of training and consulting hours and recipients. He is an expert in needs assessment, coordination, scheduling, and solutions specialties. As a trainer, he specialized in communications, leadership, customer service, supervisory and management theory, and team building instruction. He has educated thousands of professionals in a broad spectrum of knowledge using gamification techniques and a disarming personality that commands engagement. He was a primary instructor and solutions specialist for large programs such as teaching customer service, business skills, and Title 31 regulations to all new driver taxi and limousine hires in the District of Columbia. Before joining Elevate, Kyle worked for several consulting and computer instruction companies, such as New Horizons Computer Learning Center and Uncommon Results, where he led one-on-one and group sessions in various training topics including Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, various computer programs, and Leading When Not In Charge. In 2008, Kyle founded Higher Heights Consulting where he lead workforce training and consulting sessions for students of all ages and educates groups of working professionals about their potential for better communication and leadership within the workforce. Kyle has also played an important role in youth mentoring in Atlanta and Cincinnati where he assisted in the production of residential self-development courses for troubled youth in conjunction with Youth Opportunities United and Youth Experiencing Success. Kyle prides himself on understanding client needs, assessing the potential of proposed solutions, and coordinating an effective strategic framework for remedies implementation. He is committed to finding the right solution to any workforce challenge, using his deep industry knowledge, experience, and intuitive personality.

Angela Massey Headshot e1650994741643
Dr. Angela Massey

Dr. Angela Massey is an instructional designer, trainer, coach, leadership consultant,  and natural public speaker since the age of fifteen, Angela (affectionately known as Dr. Angela) is the very definition of an inspiring figure. Her down-to-earth approach to teaching others the skills and master techniques of leadership have served the thousands of participants who have passed through Elevate’s professional training programs. Dr. Angela has amassed decades of hands-on leadership and front-line customer service experience and facilitated over 3,000 hours of training and coaching at high-profile law firms, educational institutes, and industry-leading corporations. Dr. Angela is a subject matter expert who excels in breaking down complicated concepts in an engaging, interactive manner. She has prosperous and successful training partnerships with IBM, FedEx, National Seminars, City University of New York, Yale University, Fred Pryor Seminars, Career Track Seminars, and Dell Corporation, among others. After a successful career, Dr. Angela resumed her education later in life. Her book, “Going the Distance! Success Strategies for Online Students”, recounts her experiences with returning to the world of formal education. Today, she uses her life experiences, gift for public speaking, and personal anecdotes to guide students through techniques to make their workday more productive and successful. Dr. Angela is passionate above all else about using motivational words that encourage real change. She is also an authorized Wiley partner for all DiSC products and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

Carl Flowers Headshot e1650994792982
Carl Flowers

Carl Flowers is a speaker, trainer, and entertainer. He has worked as an independent contractor for some of America’s top training companies and as a meeting and event planner where he arranged bi-annual sales conventions with over 4,000 attendees and produced General Assemblies for six bi-annual state-wide conventions with over 12,000 attendees each. Carl has also operated incentive travel programs for up to 500 attendees to destinations in Europe, Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean. As a former senior executive at BeautiControl Cosmetics, Carl was instrumental in building the business from just 1,000 representatives and $1 million in sales to over 100,000 representatives and $200 million in retail sales. Carl has spoken across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. about leadership motivation, sales skills, technical and business writing, project management, time organization, and finance and accounting. His style is informative and entertaining. A typical comment from his audience: “He kept me engaged all day. I was never bored!” Carl’s training experience extends across many fields and industries, including the oil and gas energy sectors, manufacturing and engineering companies, healthcare providers, financial and accounting firms, government and social agencies, military installations, and educational institutions. At Elevate, Carl brings his vast technical knowledge to our customized blend of practical training solutions and entertaining engagement. His core training topics (supervision, communication, technical and business writing, project management, emotional intelligence, leadership, and finances) and his enthusiasm and expertise make him an ideal fit for our clients who require highly technical training solutions.

Connie Rose Headshot 2021 e1650994638403
Constance Rose

Connie Rose is a passionate, creative, and resourceful leadership coach, trainer, and professional speaker with a fervent ability to strategically plan and implement vision.  She has over thirty years of project management, development, leadership, marketing, social justice, and human and social services training experience. Before joining Elevate, Connie worked in the non-profit sector and in top Fortune companies, including Revlon, L’Oréal, and Ventiv Pharmaceuticals. She is a Transformational and Empowerment Coach and Guide in Leadership Development where she provides emotionally moving and intellectually stimulating training in a straightforward style that has become her trademark. Connie has worked with individuals and leading-edge organizations in organizational, personal, and leadership development. She has experience delivering leadership development, healthcare/first responders human and social services programs internationally including Nigeria, Uganda, Italy, Germany, and Cuba. As a Transformational and Empowerment Coach, she provides guidance and advice to clients in interpersonal communications, presentation skills, business writing, professional development, inclusive leadership, conflict/change management, crisis intervention, emotional intelligence, team development and other areas key to success in their personal and professional life. As a trainer and executive director of a non-profit, she teaches courses in Communication, Business, Organizational Communication, Leadership, Diversity – Equity and Inclusion, Human and Social Services.  Connie is a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in developing and delivery: Trauma-Informed Care, Resiliency and Human Trafficking. Connie’s expertise extends to workplace communication skills, interpersonal and public speaking skills, and nonverbal communication behavior. Her diverse background providing hard and soft skills training (live and virtual), coaching keynote and breakout speaking, meeting/retreat facilitation, instructional design, content development, and resource development make her one of Elevate USA’s top SMEs.

Cheryl Grazier Headshot e1650994968814
Cheryl Grazier

Cheryl is a professional learning and development professional with more than 10 years of experience making training fun, interesting, and useful. She is a highly effective and dynamic presenter, and innovative problem solver dedicated to her clients’ success. Her years of rich career history in both the public and private sectors are marked with measurable success in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government and in training development, delivery, and design. While at the Governor’s Office in Missouri, Cheryl developed policy statements and implementation strategies, created work plans and assigned activities for staff/interns, and applied advanced training in statistical methodologies to consistently and accurately determine qualitative and quantitative justifications for Governor’s response to financial programs. She also drafted and presented legislation to both House and Senate Committees, and rallied votes for the successful passage of legislation. As the Executive Director for several government-appointed councils, Cheryl coordinated with various collaborative project advisory committees to promote economic initiatives, eliminate government waste and duplication, and to promote women’s education, success, and access to resources in Missouri. Her interpersonal skills, classroom management, and knowledge of learning and behavior styles are major contributors to her success. Cheryl is a Licensed Real Estate Instructor in Florida and holds Real Estate Broker licenses in both Florida and Missouri. At Elevate USA, Cheryl puts her governmental experience into action with a number of specialized training topics pertaining to federal, state, and local regulations, including Federal Laws Pertaining to Fair Housing. Other areas of expertise include: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Training, Management & Leadership Training, Soft-Skills Training, Team Building, Project Management, Event Planning, Creative Problem Solving, and Train the Trainer.

Virginia Wells Headshot e1650995163491
Virgina Wells

With a Ph.D. in Organizational Systems, Virginia is focused on helping organizations develop collaborative practices and transformational changes necessary to maximize employee performance and drive the organization to succeed. She has been a professional trainer and facilitator for twenty-two years, including extensive experience in designing and presenting at more than 5000 workshops, seminars, and board retreats. At Elevate, she uses her academic background and practical experience to push for creative consulting and strategic workforce solutions.  As an International Trainer in leadership, communication, and team problem-solving, Virginia is well versed in cross-cultural training needs. She is fluent in English and Spanish, holds a Master Performance Consultant Certificate, is a Certified Executive Coach, and is an advocate of Action Learning Coaching. She also works as an Adjunct Professor at the School of Advanced Studies Faculty at University of Phoenix teaching online Industrial/Organization Doctoral Level Psychology Courses. With fifteen years of experience as an organizational development consultant and executive coach with outstanding success in improving leadership, collaboration, and communication, Virginia brings a slew of workforce performance ideas to the table. Some of her training specialties include Conflict Management and Difficult Conversations, Sparking Innovation and Creativity, Mastering the Art of Feedback, Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor, Business Writing for Professionals, and Communication.

M.A. Curfman Headshot e1650994223855
M.A. Mac Curfman

M.A. “Mac” Curfman is a practiced and enthusiastic trainer, entrepreneur, business consultant, speaker, coach, and author. He has over thirty years of experience in business and government leadership excellence. Prior to embarking on a successful training career for several of the top training companies across the nation, Mac served as a city manager, city and regional planner, and a state and local government researcher and consultant where he cultivated hands-on experience in the various aspects of project management – from budgeting, to scheduling, to short and long term benchmark setting. Blending the worlds of business and government, Mac brings unique knowledge to a variety of training topics that fuses the perspectives of each and builds stronger interaction between them. In addition to general soft-skills training topics, Mac specializes in the following: Ten Leadership Lessons from Presidents, How to Get Promoted: 12 Tips, Is Your Net Working: 6 Ways to Create Opportunities for Success, Doing Business in the 21st Century: An Opera in Three Acts, Business Improvement Workshop Series, The Complete Project Management Workshop, Using Microsoft Project to Manage Projects, Successful Business Practices Course: Marketing Module. As a trainer for Elevate USA, Mac focuses his skills and past experience on engaging, practical project management, leadership, and compliance workshops, including: Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives, and Deadlines, Fundamentals of Successful Project Management, Advanced Project Management Tools, Project Management for IT Professionals, Project Risk Management, Mastering the People Side of Project Management Clinic, Mastering Microsoft Project (2007, 2010, and 2013 versions), Advanced Microsoft Project Tools (2010 and 2013 versions), Coaching and Teambuilding Skills for Managers and Supervisors, The Conference on Leadership Development and Teambuilding, Excelling as a Highly Effective Team Leader, How to Excel Managing and Supervising People, Cross-functional Collaboration, Cross-functional Approach to Customer Service, Sharpening Your Professional Communication Skills, The Essentials of Communicating With Diplomacy and Professionalism, Active Listening, Precision-Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills, Strategic Selling Skills, The Consultative Sale, Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Fundamentals of Personnel Law for Managers and Supervisors, Budgeting Skills for Professionals, Get Going with QuickBooks®, Keep Going with QuickBooks®, Mastering the Art of Technical Writing, and Back to Basics Grammar.

TONY PATTILLO Headshot e1650995494560
Tony Pattillo

Tony Pattillo has more than 28 years of experience in Public Safety, Healthcare, and Government Affairs. He recently retired as the Operations Manager of 911 Services for Mecklenburg EMS Agency, North Carolina’s largest EMS system, to pursue a full-time career as a trainer, mentor, and instructor. Prior to becoming a trainer for Elevate, Tony worked as a paramedic for Baltimore City Fire Department. As a premier Keynote Commencement Speaker and leading authority on achievement, Tony energizes people to meet the challenges of the world around them. He skillfully weaves his compelling life story into the fabric of various motivational topics.  Over the last 15 years, he has facilitated classes on leadership, new employee onboarding, conflict resolution, performance management, process improvement, change management, performance appraisals, team building, employee engagement, and customer service. He has been a consultant with major cities such as Philadelphia and Baltimore, aiding in designing promotion processes for leadership positions and serving as a subject matter expert assessor. As a trainer for GARE (Government Alliance for Race and Equity), and Mecklenburg County Government, he conducts workshops on diversity, inclusion, and racial equity. He was recognized as a trailblazer for leading efforts to form the first EMS Diversity Council in North Carolina, and his instrumental role in the development of a Racial Equity Action Plan adopted by Mecklenburg County Government in 2019.

Headshot 2022 1 e1650994435416
Ashley Brundage

Ashley is a trainer, consultant, and highly regarded inclusion and diversity subject matter expert. As a male-to-female transgender person, Ashley has been a tireless promoter of the awareness and acceptance of gender identity and expression within corporate and governmental communities since beginning her transition in 2010. In 2011, she became an Inclusion Consultant for PNC Bank where she was appointed as a Vice President with the National Diversity and Inclusion team after beginning her career as a part-time teller and financial sales consultant. She is the President of the Tampa Bay Diversity Chamber of Commerce and holds advisory positions with the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority, and Equality Florida. Ashley was awarded a commendation from The City of Tampa, in December 2015, for her community engagement and outreach. As a trainer for Elevate, Ashley speaks locally and nationally about her transition, workplace equality, diversity and inclusion. She has presented and consulted as a subject matter expert at The University of South Florida, The University of Tampa, MetLife, Out & Equal Workplace Summit, The Morsani College of Medicine, Ernst & Young, Boehringer Ingelhiem Pharmaceuticals, PwC, Raymond James, Stetson Law School, Ameriprise, BayCareHealth System, Veterans Administration, DTCC, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Tech Data Corporation. Ashley was the keynote speaker for Macdill Air Force Base’s First Annual Pride Luncheon. She has also been interviewed in several publications and media outlets, including Tampa Bay Times, Watermark Magazine, Creative Loafing, The Tampa Bay Business Journal, The Miami Herald, Fox 13 News Tampa, ABC News 7 Ft Myers, and CBS 10 Tampa. Ashley was a finalist for the Tampa Bay Business Journal BusinessWoman of the Year in 2016. Her personal experiences in the LGBTQ+ community, her professional and volunteer experience, and her natural speaking ability make her a passionate and knowledgable subject matter expert for Elevate  BDG & USA.

CWRPhotography ReinerB 3673 Copy Copy scaled 1 e1650994693745
Bonnie Reiner

Bonnie is a seasoned facilitator, trainer, and consultant who is passionately invested in helping organizations excel at the people-side of business. She is skilled at designing and conducting workshops for all functional levels in a wide variety of industries, presenting actionable steps for measurable results. For more than 20 years, Bonnie has worked with top companies designing and delivering customized training solutions that engage team members, improve customer engagement and retention, build stronger leaders and more cohesive teams. Bonnie helps to create happier, healthier, and more engaged workplaces, where people want to show up every day and bring their best selves with them. She is also an authorized Wiley partner for all DiSC products, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, and The Leadership Challenge. Bonnie completed the accreditation program to facilitate the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

RENATA CHAMBERS Headshot e1650994574595
Renata Chambers

A licensed social worker with decades of experience in government and public-facing agencies, Renata brings a wealth of knowledge and background to her role as trainer and coach for Elevate. She regularly interfaces as a liaison between community providers and Child Welfare Services with special emphasis on ensuring the safety of minors with regard to substance abuse and the opioid crisis. She has completed interviews and assessments in bio-psychoanalysis and group therapy, as well as assisting the court systems with mental health-related issues. Her specialties as a trainer center around engaging with providers and training participants so they know how to handle difficult situations involving vulnerable populations in a variety of circumstances. This includes understanding the significant social and emotional factors related to physical and mental health problems. In addition to preparing providers with the personal tools they need to respond to crisis situations, she is a strong advocate for educating participants in the available resources that can help those in need.

Stephon Williams Headshot e1650994537701
Stephon Williams

Stephon is a highly accomplished consultant and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Subject Matter Expert (SME) with an outstanding record of leadership performance in the United States Marine Corps and Department of Defense. Stephon has amassed extensive experience with DEI training, leadership and group development during his 21+ years of service. As Elevate USA’s DEI SME, he provides interactive training, personalized consulting, and agency-wide keynote addresses on the topics of Diversity & Inclusion, Anti-Racism, Equity, Leadership, Team Development, Motivation & Empowerment, and Emotional Intelligence. Stephon has facilitated numerous DEI, executive leadership, middle management, and human relations training programs throughout the Department of Defense, as well as creating and producing the only scenario-based Prevention of Sexual Harassment Training DVD for the Navy and Marine Corps. Stephon served as the Deputy Director and Lead Facilitator for the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute’s (DEOMI) Mobile Training Team (MTT) and Executive Leadership Awareness Seminars. In 2014, he was selected to brief the DoD’s Under Secretary of Personnel and Readiness and members of the U.S. Armed Services Committee on creating positive organizational climates in the military. Upon his retirement from active duty, Stephon was a recurring guest speaker and adjunct facilitator within the Department of Defense on Diversity & Inclusion topics and leadership development seminars. Since 2014, he has worked with organizations like Carr, Riggs, & Ingram (CRI) CPA Firm, Orlando Department of Corrections, American Services Technology Inc., National Guard Bureau, Veterans Affairs, U.S. Dept. of Education, Federal Transit Administration (FTA), Harris Corporation, Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), Small Business Association (SBA), Greater Orlando Organization Development (G.O.O.D.) Network, International Association of Administration Professionals (IAAP), United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), all branches of the U.S. military, state universities, local municipalities, and numerous small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

CRYSTAL MILES Headshot e1650994482599
Crystal Miles

A speaker, trainer, and certified Mental Health First Aid instructor, Crystal has been a mental health, substance abuse recovery, and child welfare advocate for as long as she can remember. She has experience working with Florida-based mental health and wellness agencies including the Florida Department of Children and Families Substance Abuse and Mental Health office, multiple Sheriff’s offices and police departments across the state of Florida, as well as many community agencies throughout the state. Crystal is a frequent speaker and presenter in her community about mental health, domestic violence, and substance abuse recovery services. As a trainer for Elevate, Crystal draws on 12 years’ experience with state government and contracted agencies in the child welfare, substance abuse, and mental health fields to deliver training on diverse topics such as Mental Health First Aid, Wellness Recovery Action Planning, Ethics, HIPAA, HR Basics, Trauma Awareness, Cultural Diversity, and Effective Communications Skills. Currently she is engaged with regional administration as a Florida Certified Contract Manager, human resources liaison, and training coordinator for the Florida Department of Children and Families, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Program with the Northwest Region of Florida. She is currently working to become a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist. Crystal enjoys teaching and is heavily involved in creating and sustaining a Recovery Oriented System of Care at every event, training, and speech she facilitates.

Sue Standing e1650995291718
Sue Davis-Westmoreland

Ms. Davis-Westmoreland has a broad background in a leadership capacity spending thirty-five years with IBM Corporation in Information Technology and Human Resources. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Education from North Carolina A&T State University where she graduated with Honors. She has been certified as an Executive Project Manager through the Project Management Institute (PMI) since 2002 and her certification is current through 2024. She is also a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), a Certified DiSC facilitator through “Take Flight Learning” and a certified Mental Health First Aider facilitator through the National Behavioral Health organization. She has received multiple exceptional leadership awards based on excellent people skills and the ability to think strategically. In 2014, Ms. Davis-Westmoreland became the Founder and CEO of Grace Under Pressure…Getting to Yes Corporation, a Leadership Development and consulting company specializing in Project Management Training/Certification and Management and Leadership Development for youth and adults. She has provided this training throughout the US (including Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, Virgin Islands). Ms. Davis-Westmoreland is a trained educator; certified as a secondary education teacher in the states of North Carolina and Georgia. After a term as a Business Education Teacher in the Montgomery Company School System, she joined the corporate world and spent 35 years working for IBM Corporation as a Senior Business Leader providing coaching/mentoring to Information Technology domestic and international employees. Her experience as a Delivery Project Executive afforded her an opportunity to manage $200M budgets resulting in exceptional results in achieving business goals and provided her the forum to develop exceptional leadership skills while providing direction to 250+ IT employees. She was named to the 2011 Global Directory of Who’s Who in recognition of challenging work, dedication, perseverance, and demonstrating leadership and achievement in her profession. Davis-Westmoreland received several recognitions for outstanding leadership including Project Management Certification, Exceptional People Management skills, and induction into IBM’s 100% Club (three consecutive years) for exceptional accomplishments in collaborating with external clients while leading the efforts of IT professionals (both domestic and international).

Gay HeadshotJPG e1650994312623
Gay Gibson

Gay Gibson, LCSW is an energetic and committed advocate with demonstrated clinical skills and aptitude for helping the most vulnerable and high-risk populations achieve stability and improved quality of life. She is conscious of multicultural counseling issues and the needs of those of diverse cultural backgrounds and is responsive to crisis amongst those that are most vulnerable and of greatest risk (e.g: trauma, homeless, SMI, etc.). She is proficient in implementing the Multidimensional Inventory of Dissociation and assessing clients’ needs and developing client-centered treatment plans related to various presenting concerns (PTSD, IPV, SA, Personality Disorders, Mood Disorders, etc.). Gay’s strength in the development and facilitation of group curriculums (e.g: Trauma, SMI/Illness management, DV) makes her a dynamic trainer on the Elevate team.

Kathy Goller, Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach
Kathy Goller

Kathy is an innovative, insightful, and process-oriented coach, facilitator, and presenter who has devoted her life to excellence and leadership. She is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is also certified as a Holistic Life, Career and Executive Coach by Goal Imagery Institut. Kathy activates groups and individuals with deep listening, powerful questions, and creative processes to drive organizational and personal visions. She holds a BA in Psychology (Industrial Organization) and a depth and breadth of experience in personal and leadership development. A Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach with training in The Awareness to Action Enneagram and creative problem solving, she regularly uses these tools to help individuals, groups, and teams get unstuck from challenges and experience greater effectiveness in the workplace. At Elevate USA, Kathy excels at helping clients claim their unique gifts and talents, make life changing decisions, and find their purpose in pursuit of their professional and organizational goals. She specializes in Experiential Learning Design & Facilitation (In-person & Virtual), One-to-One and Group Coaching, Leadership, Communication, Team Building, and Creative Problem Solving. Kathy advocates taking an “individual-first” approach to organizational psychology that builds vision consensus between each employee, leader, team, division, and the organization as a whole. She is one of Elevate USA’s most effective champions of team building and creative problem solving as a source of collaboration in the workforce.

Linda Lutz Headshot
Linda Lutz

Linda Lutz is an award-winning trainer and keynote speaker with a passionate and energetic presentation style and expertise unearthing the true potential buried deep within individuals and organizations. A former entertainer, adjunct college lecturer and entrepreneur, Linda has earned the distinction of being one of the Top 7 Trainers in the World for an international training company. At age 23, she began her first business, while still in business school, becoming the go-to provider for events in the shopping center industry in Southern California. She started a non-profit organization
to help economically disadvantaged adults secure employment with a 79% success rate. Linda is passionate about transforming organizations by aligning empowered individuals and strengths to a role within a company. At Elevate , Linda is a keynote speaker, edu-tainer, and executive coach that motivates and inspires participants to take action while sharing principles that create lasting change. Some of her transformational sessions include Leadership, Employee Engagement, Change Management, Resilience, Thrive Mindset, Team Building, and Talent Alignment. Through coaching, she guides highly driven professionals to discover their life’s mission and align their work with their passion to achieve meaningful work, authentic relationships, vibrant health, and financial security. Linda has trained at organizations including North Carolina State University, American Marketing Association, Fidelity Investments, International Association of Administrative Professionals, Wake Technical Community College, and North Carolina Department of Commerce.

image 000
Loukisha Preyear, EdD

Loukisha “Dr. P.” Preyear is a dynamic subject matter expert and facilitator. She is focused on eradicating workplace bullying and building a respectful workplace environment. She has also developed a Mentorship Program to assist employees struggling in a toxic workplace. Dr. P is interested in the impact leadership style has on workplace performance and culture and has been researching the impact leadership style has on performance and achievement since 2010. She conducted a study related to leadership and school performance and published work entitled, A Qualitative Multi-Site Case Study: Examining Principals’ Leadership Styles and School Performance. Dr. P’s passion in life is to promote peace and civility in the world. She has over 20 years of federal government experience working as a Human Resources Specialist, Equal Employment Opportunity Counselor, Equal Employment Opportunity Investigator, Mediator, and Program Coordinator. She is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force (USAF) and adopted USAF core values in her daily activities: Integrity first; Service before self; and Excellence in all we do. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Behavioral Science, Master of Science in Business Administration, and Doctorate in Education Leadership, with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instructions. As an SME for Elevate USA, Dr. P implements storytelling, humor, self-assessment, and experiential activities as part of her facilitation strategy. These promote a greater understanding of workplace civility, purpose, and a positive learning experience.

Matthew Lutz
Matthew Lutz

A speaker, trainer, and executive coach, Matt Lutz has over 30 years of communicating with and educating audiences of all types. Before becoming a SME and trainer, he served 10 years as a non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, spent twenty-one years pastoring and successfully built a large church from scratch (growing from 7 to 200 members), and served as a top sales performer. He even performed on stage as a singer and dancer at Walt Disney World. This unconventional journey has given Matt an in-depth understanding and wisdom that he draws upon to aid organizations when navigating change. As a trainer and executive coach for Elevate USA, Matt brings Dale Carnegie Manager Training expertise to topics including Change Management, Leadership Development, Sales, Healthy Communication, Financial Security, Decision Making and Problem Solving, Trustworthiness and Ethics, Motivation, Interpersonal and Workplace Relationships, Conflict and Stress Management, Presentation Skills, and Supervisory Skills. He is an experienced instructional designer who has built instructional and promotional content for an online learning academy. Matt’s main focus is helping participants extraordinarily succeed in their life and career goals.

Untitled design 1
Glynis E. Devine

Glynis is a bilingual (English and French) speaker, trainer, and coach specializing in developing women leaders. Her expertise is in leveraging human capital to achieve peak performance, optimal productivity, and sustainable growth. Her research is in Currency-Driven Performance (for non-monetary drivers of peak performance). Glynis works with senior leadership teams to leverage core currencies to affect positive change and to help leaders become more valuable to all stakeholders. Her provocative solutions of leveraging Currency create employees who thrive and enterprises that grow exponentially. For Elevate USA, she is a high-energy facilitator committed to delivering experiential learning, including Leadership Skills, Supervisory Skills, Presentation Skills, Sales Skills, Time Management, Writing Skills, Diversity and Inclusion, Conflict and Stress Management, Change Management, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, Women’s Empowerment, Talent Development and Retention, Communication Strategies, Performance Review and Optimization, and more. Glynis has been an entrepreneur since age 20. She is the founder of She-Suite Leaders, a leadership organization working to put more women in C-Suite roles. She draws on the wisdom gleaned from 25 years leading one of the top-performing teams in Canada as a Senior Director in a multinational organization in the cosmetic industry. She has personally sold more than a half million dollars’ worth of lipstick, placing her in the top 5 in Canada out of a sales force of 30,000. Glynis has presented 700+ programs in French and in English to audiences that most recently include AAP, APC, HDI, Channel NEXT, CSAE, Southeast Missouri University, Shared Services Canada, City of Fredericton, and Canada Nuclear. Glynis is a fantastic keynote speaker, solutionist, coach, and off-site experience SME.

Dinahsta Thomas
Dinahsta Thomas, MSW

Dinahsta is a licensed graduate social worker, trainer, and coach skilled in forming trusting relationships with trainees and community partners in order to advocate for their best interests. As a trainer for Elevate, she has been instrumental in as a subject matter expert in our Health and Human Services catalogue of topics. She also excels as a trainer of Active Listening, Motivational Interviewing, and Reflective Writing (there’s a poem in everyone; how to use creative writing as a self-care tool). She has worked as a training specialist, program director, and social worker at various organizations and agencies, such as the Washington D.C. Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, where she lead an agency-wide assessment and facilitated Empowerment Day for Care Planning and Coordination for staff and leaders. Dinahsta also developed the curriculum outline for a learning series for training department and agency staff, completed a Restorative Justice Train the Trainer initiative and facilitated restorative circles with youth, families and community members. She designed and facilitated the initial Care Planning and Care Coordination Training for program managers, supervisors, administrators, care coordinators and support staff, and created and implemented a workshop series on Core Values, Core Beliefs and Character Building for parents during the Agency Parent Retreat. At T.E.E.M. Leadership LLC, she presented at OSSE’s annual Federal Grants Management Conference on Family/Community Engagement and worked on programs including Baltimore City Schools’ Transition and Baltimore City Family Engagement where she assisted with the successful employment transition of teachers and educational staff for three closing schools in Baltimore City. At Community Residences, Inc. Dinahsta developed an Independent Living Curriculum for youth 18-21, co-authored an Arlington County Grant for an Independent Living Site dedicated to the housing of homeless youth with mental/behavioral health needs, and established a partnership with Spectrum Beauty Academy to provide free/reduced hair grooming services to group home residents. As Founder and Board Chair of InkWELL, she has established a reputation as the go-to for creative writing that is healing, encouraging and therapeutic. Elevate has incorporated Dinahsta’s unique skills and experience to make our Health and Human Services training more creative, community-centered, and practical to a broader population of trainees.

Tobin Deville 1
Tobin Deville

Tobin is a professional communicator, trainer, coach, and professional broadcaster who has been guiding others to achievements with an engaging and entertaining delivery style for over 25 years. At Elevate, he is an instructor of Professional Development, Computer Skills, Administrative Skills, Communication Skills, Conflict and Stress Management, Diversity, Leadership and Supervisory Skills, Presentation Skills, Time Management Skills, Writing, and Sales. Tobin approaches learning through multiple learning styles included guided learning, practical application, peer teaching, case studies, role playing and relatable concepts. He is a veteran radio broadcaster of 25 years who developed and presented lifestyle programming that created brand names and achieved market recognition in ratings, promotions, and revenue. Those many years of hosting live events made his transition to instructor in a seamless one. He is a Microsoft Office and “soft skills” specialist, and also works with many students on a one-to-one level. He received a master’s degree in Educational Technology and a Microsoft Office Master certification. He was awarded “Outstanding Radio Personality” and honored with a broadcasting leadership award. Tobin volunteers to teach with a non-profit program, “Escape from Poverty,” and has committed himself to five years in Community Theatre as an actor/director and directed for Public Access TV. He has worked as a Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, a tour guide, and a Childhood Development facilitator in a private family setting.

Lisa Ann Landry
Lisa Ann Landry

Lisa Ann is a world-class learning and development specialist. She has worked for training and coaching companies, large and small, including Fred Pryor Seminars. As part of the Elevate training roster, she does the work of a master trainer to deliver programs that ignite, inspire, and transform participant abilities. Her facilitation ensures engagement, knowledge transfer, and skill development in a fast paced fun environment. Prior to joining Elevate, she worked closely with senior managers across organizations such as Microsoft, Clorox University, and Touro University, Honda North America, and Boeing for over nineteen years to create and maintain learning and development contracts. Lisa Ann has over two decades of experience as a corporate trainer. Her specialties include effective social media marketing tools for advanced and novice users, one-on-one coaching strategies, and online learning strategies. Driven by a profound sense of adventure, she is able to leverage creativity and cutting-edge thinking in the social media marketing arena – including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Blogging, Twitter and social media marketing strategy for small business. She has been featured in a number of articles, radio interviews, e-learning programs and webinars, as well as featured training and coaching presentations. Her instructor-led programs for Elevate combine quality, practicality, and energy that encourages participants to real state goals and hold themselves accountable for successes and failures. Her uncommon talents make her a sought-after trainer among Elevate’s diverse roster of available coaches and facilitators.

Chrystina Katz
Chrystina Katz

Chrystina is a trainer, coach, software engineer, project manager, advocate, and host. At Elevate, she is a subject matter expert in Leadership, Communication, Team Building, Conflict Management, Risk Management, Consultative Strategies, and more. She specializes in Requirements Gathering, especially for software development, Retrospective Facilitation (aka Lessons Learned) post-event or post-project debriefs to acknowledge good outcomes and challenges to walk away with an Action Plan for improvement, and Coaching for core basics, templates, and intention management for coaches and mentors. Chrystina has 30+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in various roles including engineering, operations, and project management in industries such as biomedical, automotive, HR/Payroll software and FINTECH technologies. She is the author of the Gutsy Pivot Planner “GPP” – Goals & Daily Planner and a Journal, all in one, and co-author of “Sparks: Ignite Your Way to Success”, listed on multiple Amazon Best Seller Lists. As a survivor of domestic violence, Chrystina now empowers others to imagine a world where everyone is confidently Gutsy to pursue their dreams, their passions, and their purpose for this lifetime. With strategies, tools, techniques, and trusting the process, everyone can pivot to lives that serve their highest good and achievements. She is an invaluable member of the Elevate team.

Lea Brovedani

Lea is an innovative master trainer with over 25 years of experience teaching employees at all levels including administrative staff, supervisors, Senior Leaders, Managers and Executives. She has extensive experience in recruitment, coaching executive clients and developing motivational presentations. She has delivered programs in Canada and the United States, Europe, India, Singapore and Indonesia. At Elevate USA, she excels at enabling managers to become leaders. She has created and delivered customized training solutions in trust, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills to create positive and lasting improvements in workplace performance. She provides career coaching, human resource consulting and performance management for staff at all levels. Lea is the author of two books on trust (TRUSTED – A Leaders Lesson, and TRUST ME – Restore Belief & Confidence in an Uncertain World). She is the contributing author on the following books: Trust Inc: Strategies for building Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset, 20 Winners at the Game of Life, Dreaming Big Being Bold, Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine. Lea is also the author of an online emotional intelligence workshop that is sold through Velsoft.

Sakina Spencer

Sakina is a HR Business Professional with over 10 years’ experience in complex transformation initiatives. She has the ability to analyze needs, develop strategies, coach and develop others to manage daily operations with a continuum mindset for growth. At Elevate, she works with our SMEs to implement policies and procedures to align with our clients’ current changes while managing successful solutions. Sakina is a change management specialist, DEIA expert, and human resources veteran who excels at human capital management and training solutions to maximize workforce satisfaction and efficiency. She is an experienced LMS manager and has designed multiple self-paced asynchronous training modules using software such as Curam, NexGen, Cornerstone LMS, and Articulate Rise 360. Sakina is also a project manager and certified Six Sigma LEAN Black Belt. Some of her most popular topics at Elevate include: Communicating about Socially Sensitive Issues, Understanding and Supporting LGBTQ+ Employees, Becoming an Ally to All, Communicating Across Cultures, Budgeting Basics, Advocating for Yourself, and Understanding Credit Basic Fundamentals.

Dean W. Bertsch

Dean is a speaker, trainer, and educator who specializes
in communication and writing training. He focuses on helping today’s business professionals and public servants improve their written and oral communication in order to enhance their confidence and credibility. As a trainer for Elevate, Dean is a subject matter expert in all writing areas including Business Writing and Email Etiquette, Administrative Professional
Capstone Program: Polish and Shine Your Writing for Top Brass Readers,
Writing a Statement of Work, Clear Writing through Critical Thinking,
Effective Business Writing, Grammar & Proofreading, Technical Writing
(Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced), Getting Results with Clear Writing and Dynamic Presentations, Succinct Plain Language & The Plain Language Act, and Business Writing & Mistake Free Grammar. Dean has the unique ability to bring humor and excitement to what most consider very dry topics. For more than ten years, he has provided grammar, writing, public speaking, and one-on-one communication skills training to a large number of government agencies and private organizations throughout the United States and Canada such as the U.S. Armed Forces, EPA, Blue Cross, Penn State University, the National Association of Construction Boilermaker Employees, and more.

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